Disruptive Business: Avoid Becoming a Casualty of Progress

They say there’s such a thing as being too good at your job. Well, this is a post about just that. From time to time, there are companies that come around and are so good that they can destroy a market and/or even mess with other semi-related businesses. This isn’t necessarily a good or bad […]

Listen Up! A Different Way to Go Local?

Have you noticed this symbol popping up on your television screen lately? You probably haven’t noticed it with all of the odd things like hashtags and other social media icons so commonly being dropped all over television screens lately.  This symbol is the logo for a company named Shazam. Now, if you are over the […]

The Skinny on the New Google+ Pages

So Google finally released the ability for Google Plus users to create business pages from their Google Plus profile. This is ours BTW. 🙂 No more “your name is not compliant” messages or threats to deactivate your profile for lack of nomenclature compliance. A nice feature is that you can simply switch your profile to […]

Is the SEO business dying?

The bad news Today’s post is about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small business. Essentially, it’s the practice of improving your results ranking on sites like Google.com. This week, I read a great post from my friend Phil Faranda regarding an SEO company masquerading as a lead in order to get his attention. Phil, like […]