Phacient’s approach to marketing is simple: Find a need and fill that need. This ideology permeates into everything we do.  It enables us to advise our clients on their next move from a logical and well thought out perspective.

The best developed product or the most valuable service can only go so far on its own merit. Good marketing is more critical than ever in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Phacient assists their clients in a myriad of ways to properly and responsibly communicate with target audiences in a clear and efficient manner. Phacient is able to provide assistance in many ways.

A successful marketing strategy has to be well constructed and comprehensive. Our methods apply to consumer and business-to-business marketing. The right marketing formula is the difference between success and failure:Knowing how is as important as knowing what

  • Vision and objectives development
  • Marketing mix and resource allocation
  • Market segmentation
  • Product positioning
  • Innovation strategy and new product/service road map
  • Advertising strategy and media optimization
  • Pricing
  • Customer support
  • Sales and channel planning

An online presence is imperative in today’s environment. More firms are applying their resources to the online space. Phacient supercharges our clients’ online presence with expertise in:

  • Being online is criticalBest practices
  • Information architecture
  • Content marketing (SEO and Social)
  • Scenario assessment and critical path management
  • Creative consulting
  • Production

Our clients understand that their brand is their most valuable asset. A firm with a strong brand is more sustainable and profitable than its competitors. Phacient provides the following branding expertise to our clients:Stand out from the crowd

  • Logo design
  • Taglines
  • Messaging
  • Overall look and feel
  • Global branding consistency

Phacient offers well thought out product development focusing on innovation and benefits. Whether developing a new product or giving an existing oneQuality is paramount a face lift, we treat our clients’ products as if they were our own. We offer:

  • Competitive product analysis
  • Comprehensive objective development
  • Market share/penetration modeling
  • Margin maximization framework
  • Product and peripheral differentiation strategy

Understanding your competition is imperative to understanding your market. Being in the know saves moneyPhacient partners with our clients to help them understand the direct and indirect competition.

Once our research is complete, our clients are better equipped to make well-informed, critical decisions about their own business. This results in higher margins, greater efficiency and reduced risk.

Over the past five years, social media marketing has taken many industries by storm. Phacient advises our clients in the ‘what’ AND ‘how’ to approach credible, genuine and engaging social business:

  • Businesses find people now, not vice versaSocial assessment and channel appropriateness
  • Channel development and integration
  • Engagement strategies and tactics
  • Social listening and monitoring
  • Community building
  • Reputation management
  • Customer care