Happy Birthday Google+ – 17 Interesting G+ Facts

So Google+ turns a year old. 17 interesting things you should know. So after a short writing hiatus due to moving, work, and life I figure it’s appropriate to break my fast by writing about a subject very near and dear to my heart – Google+. As I sit here and write this on the […]

Why Do You Want to be on Page One of Google?

Last week I was lucky enough to attend Blog World and New Media Expo. As the name (or former name) alludes, there is a strong and almost exclusive focus on content. Just about every session I sat in had some mention of SEO. The timing of the conference couldn’t have been better since I’ve gotten […]

Google Makes Big Moves – Bigger Than You May Realize

In case you haven’t been paying attention, this week has been a pretty huge week for Google. They have made some big announcements that, I think, will have some pretty big influence on the future of technology. They may not seem like much on the surface or by themselves but when you see them all […]

Am I Obsessed? A Fan? Or Just Right From The Beginning?

The New Phone is Here! The New Phone is Here! I know, it sounds like a scene starring Navin R. Johnson but I just can’t help it. I got a new phone –finally. I’ve been tormented by a jail broken iPhone 3GS for longer than I care to admit to. In Apple’s defense, they don’t […]

How Get More Out of Google+ Status Updates and Posts

Even though Google+ is in its infancy, they had the insight to build in a few Easter eggs for us true nerds to figure out and play with. Many of us have been observing that one of the nice things about the platform is that is actually has the ability to be used for blogging. […]

Google’s Answer to Pinterest?

It’s me talking about Google again I know I sound like a one trick pony when I write anything containing the name Google, but in my defense, they are a pretty amazing company. They are spread across so many things that it’s hard not to come into contact with them – constantly. So, to keep […]

How to Avoid Using Third Party Vendors

By nature, I tend to be a bit of a do-it-yourselfer. I build my own websites, manage my own hosting, and do my own research. There are times when I just have to use a third party to do work for me like my accountant or my dentist. This was a hard post for me […]

You can’t always get what you want

We are currently in the process of selling our house, and my friend Patrick’s post prompted me to write about the irony of the sense-of-control in real estate. Any agent will tell you when selling your house to focus on the factors for which you can control: Price, condition, marketing, and so forth. It is […]

Online Advertising 101 – Real Estate People, DON’T READ THIS

A Familiar Scenario Let’s say I owned a commercial website like, say, The New York Times online. I have editorial content and ads that run throughout the site. There are ads all over the place where you consume content but also there are entire sections with nothing but ads. Let’s call that the classified section. […]

How Can Social Media Help Internal Collaboration?

It seems like 99 out of 100 of the conversations I participate, observe, or read about involving social media is always focused on how we engage others outside of ourselves. I am using the term ‘ourselves’ generically to denote an individual or a firm. The salesperson talks about prospecting leads, the consumer product firm talks […]