Why Craigslist Needs to Raise Their Fees – at Least for Real Estate

So I have a lot of friends that are real estate professionals – and by professionals I MEAN professionals. These people pride themselves on their work and reputations which – I have learned – is really all you have in this business.  It really bothers me that, as a whole, real estate people are not […]

On the Need for Common Definition

People often argue about if agents are worth what they are paid, who is a good agent, what makes a good agent, and so forth. I’m not (for now) going to dive into any of these questions, but instead step back and try and determine how do we even go about setting up the discussion […]

You can’t always get what you want

We are currently in the process of selling our house, and my friend Patrick’s post prompted me to write about the irony of the sense-of-control in real estate. Any agent will tell you when selling your house to focus on the factors for which you can control: Price, condition, marketing, and so forth. It is […]

Online Advertising 101 – Real Estate People, DON’T READ THIS

A Familiar Scenario Let’s say I owned a commercial website like, say, The New York Times online. I have editorial content and ads that run throughout the site. There are ads all over the place where you consume content but also there are entire sections with nothing but ads. Let’s call that the classified section. […]

Disruptive Business: Avoid Becoming a Casualty of Progress

They say there’s such a thing as being too good at your job. Well, this is a post about just that. From time to time, there are companies that come around and are so good that they can destroy a market and/or even mess with other semi-related businesses. This isn’t necessarily a good or bad […]

Reputation Management: Why It’s Sometimes Hard to Be You

I’ve gotta get this off my chest I’ve been considering writing this post for some time but recently there were just too many reminders throughout the course of my day to not. I find reputation management not only critical to business today but also fascinating. I guess the whole thing started back in the fall […]

How to Value a Home: Common Sense Over Emotion

The emotional play – it does work The other day during the annual GenBlue conference, Coldwell Banker debuted their new commercial. It’s an emotional approach to “How to Value a Home” featuring the iconic voice of Tom Selleck. It’s well done, no doubt about it. When you watch it, you’d have something wrong with you […]

Will the Real Estate Consumer Ever Really Be ‘Represented’?

I’ve gotta get this off my chest I have contended for years that real estate is not a consumer-focused industry. It’s ironic since it’s all about people. No matter what anyone says, it’s still an industry driven by nothing more than sales.  If it weren’t then I can’t help feel that the industry overall would […]

Is the SEO business dying?

The bad news Today’s post is about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small business. Essentially, it’s the practice of improving your results ranking on sites like Google.com. This week, I read a great post from my friend Phil Faranda regarding an SEO company masquerading as a lead in order to get his attention. Phil, like […]